About Us

Arboreal was established 2021 in St Augustine, FL. What began as a hobby in 2018 quickly turned into a passion. I was new to saddle hunting and hunting in general. Like many I started with other manufactured saddles, while they did their job, I was always left wanting more. In 2020 I decided I would build my own saddle how I thought it should be. What I came up with is a saddle that lets you take the pressure off of the main webbing of the saddle. Transferring most of the pressure across the fabric of the saddle while still having the security of the main webbing. A feature that truly helps with the comfort of the single panel saddle. I have been testing this saddle for several months and have been very pleased with the results. I have some things to finalize before I can release it for sale, but I'm confident it will be available for purchase by the end of June. Thank you for your interest. I will have updates soon.